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Malmö, Sweden/Schweden

About Bastec

Bastec, Latour and Bemsiq

Bastec is based in Malmö, in the south part of Sweden, close to Copenhagen in Denmark. The company was founded in 1989 by four students at the Institute of Technology – University of Lund. It started as a privately owned company, with many of the shareholders employed by the company.

On July 1st 2014 Bastec AB was acquired by Investment AB Latour, through its business area Latour Industries AB. The purchase did not change our business plan and we will continue as an independent company with focus on our main product BAS2. Since 2016 Bastec is part of Latour Industries subsidiary business group Bemsiq AB, together with their other companies active in building automation and energy management.

Our annual turnover is approx. USD 6 million. Our economy is very solid and we have the highest possible credit rating (AAA). We employ 32 people today and will continue to grow for the years to come.


Bastec ställer ut BAS2 på ISH Frankfurt 2017